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Childrens Charitable Foundation

PO Box 4481, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

The Childrens charitable foundation was recognised as an official NGO entity was when when it awarded “Certificate to Commence Business “ from the Register General , Adum , Kumasi on the 10th May 2011 . The original idea was to set up an NGO who’s remit was to help in the field of education of children particularly ICT.

My experience of Ghana goes back to 2005 and since then I have been back and forth from the U.K ; although the Ghana Government indicated it was serious in helping to advance the knowledge of ICT I didn’t see any sign of this when I visited schools in the Weija area,which is just on the outskirts of Accra. I could see there were various issues such as the cost of Genuine Windows for users; even the student addition was close to the basic wage for a worker for a whole month. Ghanaians had got around this cost by using none genuine Windows and my findings were that cloning and use of illegal copies of Windows was endemic in Ghana.

One day I managed to get an impromptu meeting with the ICT co-coordinator for the Ministry of Education and put a couple of facts to him. One was that one ICT student I spoke to said she went to a ICT training school and stated that this organization actually told her where to get an illegal copy of Windows from. One main point of mine was this " how can you build up a framework of ICT knowledge & education involving stolen software"” - the simple answer to me was for Ghanaians to embrace Linux and its suite of available software. Basically this ICT co-coordinator just seemed top be sitting on the fence and didn’t show much enthusiasm for Linux; I guess I’m not surprised since most people who start off using Windows first can find Linux daunting and unfamiliar.

Funding for our NGO was a problem since no funds could be secured in Ghana and the response in the U.K is basically we don’t help charities unless they are registered in the U.K, yet the U.K Government is willing to send £90,000,000 a year to Ghana without any decent monitoring system as far as I can see. Similarly DFID sated they do not have a remit to get involved with NGO’s whether they have been set up by British individuals or not. So basically we put the NGO on ice and decided to put our efforts into business and then if we get to the stage of feeling flush this would be the time to put some of our own funds into the NGO.

In the meantime we help with Ghana ICT where we can and are in contact with the headmaster of a couuple of schools in Ghana. One project was to enhance the school-wik download by setting up a search system using the set up of a web server, PHP and MySQL. I did this for the 2009 download and am now looking at the new 2013 version.

If you wish to contact us you can use the contact us page at : contact

ICT Resource
Linux Utilities Cookbook 2013 by James Kent Lewis see:   Linux Utilities Cookbook
The Linux Utilities Cookbook is written with an everyday language approach (rather than geek speak) which I like and covers quite a range of topics from Networking ,Processes to Disks and partitioning. Well written with the factual information being supported with examples you can try yourself straight away and see the results, I think this book would fulfil the function of being an Introduction for beginners to being a reference material for people like myself who are somewhere between beginners and intermediate.